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Here at the London Gin Club we’ve gone  beyond gin to offer you unique and unusual gin related things to buy as a treat for yourself or a gift for your gin buddy. Everything here is available from our sibling  site at London Peculiar


Tuesday 20th for postal delivery

Friday 23rd for email delivery 

Thursday 22nd for collection from the Gin Club on Friday 23rd ( our last day before Christmas)

Tasting menu gift certificates

We have a wonderful range tasting menus here at the gin club for which you can buy gift certificates.

Choose from The Flavour Spectrum, Blind tasting , Over Proof, Sloe gin and our  tasting menus 1 and 2 highlight brand new gins and change every two months or so.

sample for site gift cert front v1

 Gin Money, denominations of £10

What better way to say ‘you love gin as much as I do’ than treating your gin loving friend to a few delectable gin drinks at The London Gin Club.

Each gin money gift certificate has it’s own unique code number and is exchanged for £10 worth of any gin your friend desires.

You can purchase as many you think your friend / gin lover would like to have an night out in the best gin bar in town and hopefully they’ll take you with them.

Gin Money

Copa glasses 2 (£15)

If you’ve visited us you’ll know the only way to really appreciate gin is in a Copa serve. The gin Copa glass engages your nose as a wine glass would allowing you to pick up the delicate aromas which you palate may not pick up. With the bowl shaped glass the gin is allowed to open up , revealing its delicate and complex botanicals.

G&T with strawberry & rosemary


Premium gin gift box

We’ve put together the ultimate gift box of all things gin for the gin lover in your life.

The gift box contains

2 large gin copa glasses , 2 gin miniatures,  £20 of Gin Money to spend at The London Gin Club

Collection of 5 gin inspired postcards, Gin notes book and a small  underground map of gin.

This gift box is available  to buy from London Peculiar  and is for collection only at The London Gin Club.

gin gift pack



Our latest creation is a set of five  ‘ginfluenced ‘ postcards, perfect for any gin lovers christmas stocking. Inside the mind of a a Gin lover illustrates with the use of phrenology and what really  goes on in every gin appreciating mind. Our flavour spectrum card shows you which gin fits into which category on the flavour wheel

London Gin Club Postcards
London Gin Club Postcards


The other three cards, we think, speak for themselves!  All cards are available here  or in the bar.

Phrenology head A4 print

Gin Phrenology…the lesser known science of the mind of the gin drinker.

The London Gin Club have cleverly adapted the Victorian Phrenology head into one for The Gin Lover.

This lovely A4 print , using fine paper from our friends at Shepherd Falkiners gives you an insight into what on earth is going on in the head of the modern gin lover. Their character, motivation and style together with their desired drinks and choice of gin… all this of course, is not a scientific fact , just a bit of fun, but a must for the gin fan in your life.



Periodic table of gin

The London Gin Club have created the world’s first Periodic table fo gin, detailing over 100 gins, their style, ABV and botanicals. A poster for the discerning gin drinker!A3 Poster Template

The size is A3

Underground Map of Gin

We’ve also created the world’s first Underground map of gin. Available as both a small tri fold map similar the one we are all so used to on our ‘beloved’ underground network and a poster sized around 42cm x 45cm

We’ve linked up with our crazy pigeon friend at London Peculiar so you can buy this online here  or if you’d like the poster version here.

London Gin Club Map of Gin
London Gin Club Map of Gin


Gin Notes

A must for anyone serious about gin. We’ve  developed a very useful gin notes booklet, designed to help you keep track of the gins you have tried, their character, flavour and style. Available here.

A must have for the gin drinker
A must have for the gin drinker



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