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tasting events

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We’ve been gin lovers for many years… we won’t say how many, but many and with that we’ve learned a thing or two about gin. It’s fair to say that at The London Gin Club we’re all very passionate about gin. All of it’s intriging dimesions, its past – with its rich and sometimes dark history, the present – with the amazing array of botanicals being used to create fantastic small batch and artisan gin and it’s future – which looks very interesting indeed as production gets more and more artisan, bespoke and complex. So now it’s time to share what we’ve learned with you!

photo courtesy of Cat Munro
photo courtesy of Cat Munro

Tasting session 1  is a perfect introduction for anyone wishing to learn a little more about gin, its history, the range of botanicals used and the varieties available.

We will take you on a journey through the history of gin, how it came to be the spirit of the our wonderful city.

All those curious questions…where does the phrase ‘Dutch courage’ come from, or ‘mother’s ruin’ or ‘bathtub gin’ and why is Navy strength, well Navy strength, will all be answered along with a fascinating insight into how gin is actually ‘history in a glass’ !

Throughout the tasting we’ll fill you in on a bit of ‘ginformation ‘ on the different styles, classic and contemporary gin and it’s journey from mothers ruin to the superior spirit it is today.

This is an informal tasting intended to entertain and inform so you can discover more about this wonderful and intriguing spirit.



January 14th 2017 SOLD OUT

January 21st 2917 SOLD OUT

January 28th 2917 SOLD OUT

February 11th 2917 SOLD OUT

February 18th 2917 SOLD OUT

February 25th 2017 SOLD OUT

March 11th 2017 SOLD OUT

March 18th 2017 SOLD OUT

March 25th 2017 SOLD OUT

April 8th 2017

April 15th 2017

April 22nd 2017

May 6th 2017

May 13th 2017

May 20th 2017

June 3rd 2017

June 10th 2017

June 17th 2017


Start Time is 4.00pm sharp

£32 per person

Arrival cocktail

sample 5 gins, including a gin and tonic

Duration 1 1/2 hours

We advise you arrive 15 minutes earlier to settle in.

Tickets available in advance only HERE


Space is limited to 18.

If you’d like to stay on after please reserve a table


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