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Roaring Noon 1922: Genuine Jazz Age Gin

In May 2016 we were asked by Professor Sarah Churchwell if we could partner her in producing a very special, unique gin. Sarah is a Professor of American Literature at the School of Advanced study, University of London, and also the author… Read More

Gin review: Perry’s Tot

Navy strength gin is certainly popping up a lot at the moment. Perry’s Tot isn’t new to us, we’ve been raving about it for a while and we feel it’s high time to let you all know why. The New York Distilling… Read More

Gin review: Strane Uncut Strength

I love Sundays! A day to catch up, rest, relax and… drink the world’s strongest gin! Strane is a 75.3% Swedish gin. Yup what a whopper and I would say, with the exception of trying Hill’s absinth when it was finally made… Read More

Gin review: Edinburgh Cannonball

Navy strength gin seems to be appearing quite a bit at the moment. I’m not complaining… a decent 57% not only hits the spot on a tough day but also offers a totally new flavour experience, as a good proof gin needs… Read More