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The LGC Gin & Tonic

The Perfect Gin and Tonic – A Love Story You’ve probably realised by now here at The London Gin Club we just love gin, and one of the best ways to enjoy a great gin is in a Gin & Tonic. We’re… Read More

New tasting menus for the autumn

Well, summer went all of a sudden and now we are launching into the lovely season that is autumn, and with that our new tasting menus. Tasting number 1 is WHITLEY NEILL ISH LIMED FOXDENTON 48 BEEFEATER 24 and Tasting Number 2… Read More

New heights for the humble G & T

So, our G & T night was brilliant! Packed to the rafters with gin lovers and explorers! We’d carefully created the garnishes to bring out the specific flavours of each gin… this took some planning. It was pretty much like creating a … Read More

The Londonist finds its perfect G & T.

The Star at Night in Soho has been serving great cocktails, expertly made for yonks. But with the recentlaunch of the London Gin Club, they’re publicly declaring their devotion to gin in all its glorious diversity. On our first visit we had a… Read More

The Gin & Tonic menu

Well, here it is….you could almost call it a gourmet G & T menu! Gin deserves some special attention so why not! If you can’t make it tonight for our G & T night never fear…this isn’t a one hit wonder, this… Read More