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April tasting menus, ready and waiting!

Right O…we’ve decided on our  two gin tasting menus for April. They are Gin Tasting #1 BRECON :garnish, orange peel…a welsh gin, junipery and smooth LIGHTHOUSE :garnish, grapefruit ,….a brand new gin from New Zealand SW4: garnish, lemon & cinnamon… a wonderfully… Read More

Tasting menu’s for March

Oops, a little late in posting this..Our tasting menus for March are up and running. Tasting No1 is lovely. Light citrus Sloanes, deliciously fruity Hayman’s Sloe gin, the dry and zesty Plymouth and the soft, spicy Edinburgh gin. Tasting No 2 covers… Read More

November Gin Tasting Menu

With winter ungraciously paying us an early seasonal visit, we have a mind to quote Shakespeare’s “As you Like it”:- Blow, blow, thou Winter wind, thou art not so unkind as man’s ingratitude; To soften the cruel blow of Winter, we thought… Read More

The latest tasting menus.

Our gin tasting menus have altered slightly since the last post. Getting our hands on Citadelle reserve seems to be tricky so our super premium gin tasting menu is Death’s Door, Monkey 47, Junipero and Cask aged Bathtub. This is a really… Read More