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Autumn Tasting Menus

Just a quick post to let you all know our new autumn tasting menus are here. We have selected a fabulous set of gins for you to savour. On tasting menu number one we have Broken Heart (40% abv) from New Zealand,… Read More

New tasting menus at The LGC

Our new tasting menus have just been announced and what a truly cracking gathering of gins they are ! (I say this every time but it’s true) Both menus show off the amazing work our gin distillers are doing at the moment… Read More

April tasting menus

We have yet another wonderful batch of superb gins for you to try  on our tasting menus this month; They are Tasting Number 1 (£23) 1) HAMMER 40% lime : 2) HEATHER GIN 47.3% rhubarb: 3) ZEPHYR 43% blueberry/lemon peel: 4) DA… Read More

Flavour spectrum tasting menu

We are very proud to announce the launch of our 8 gin flavour spectrum tasting menu. The aim is for you to sample the entire flavour spectrum gin has to offer. You will try a dry, (Brokers) floral, (Bloom) citrus,(Tanqueray 10)  savoury,… Read More

New tasting menus for the autumn

Well, summer went all of a sudden and now we are launching into the lovely season that is autumn, and with that our new tasting menus. Tasting number 1 is WHITLEY NEILL ISH LIMED FOXDENTON 48 BEEFEATER 24 and Tasting Number 2… Read More