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A purly punch on the nose

Happily once again we have been asked by our friends at the Dickens Museum to do a tasting, this time based around the contents of Dickens drinks cellar and forgotten Victorian cocktails. Lucky for us, Dickens had an 18 gallon cask of… Read More

Rocketts Milk Punch

Having a keen interest in London history we were thrilled to be asked to create a gin cocktail for The Foundling Museum’s Found Exhibition, a rich prospect with many avenues to explore not least the association with William Hogarth. In thinking ‘Gin’… Read More

Gin is good for you (so says Culpeper 1654)

I love an excuse to combine my two obsessions , 17th century books and Gin! So , after some Monday evening browsing through The London Dispensatory of 1654 I’ve discovered that the components of gin are very good for you indeed (… Read More

The Gin Act of 1736 – September 29th

Join us to celebrate all things gin with the support of  ‘Fifty Pounds’                                                       When William… Read More

Names for Gin

For our Underground Map of Gin, we did a fair bit of research about the various names that gin has been known by over the years, it makes for quite interesting reading, most are from the times of the Gin Acts that… Read More