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The LGC Gin & Tonic

The Perfect Gin and Tonic – A Love Story You’ve probably realised by now here at The London Gin Club we just love gin, and one of the best ways to enjoy a great gin is in a Gin & Tonic. We’re… Read More

Copa glasses are in!

We’ve been eagerly waiting for our new batch of copa glasses which happily arrived this afternoon. If you are one of the many people who asked to buy them we now have them in stock. You are more than welcome to pop… Read More

New tasting menus for the autumn

Well, summer went all of a sudden and now we are launching into the lovely season that is autumn, and with that our new tasting menus. Tasting number 1 is WHITLEY NEILL ISH LIMED FOXDENTON 48 BEEFEATER 24 and Tasting Number 2… Read More

Summer Ginfusions are here

Is it summer yet? Wimbledon’s started so it must be.  The decidedly changeable weather has meant our perambulations in the park have been curtailed, what to do?  A few hours spent with some fine ingredients,  a bottle of Brokers Gin which we… Read More

Tasting menu’s for March

Oops, a little late in posting this..Our tasting menus for March are up and running. Tasting No1 is lovely. Light citrus Sloanes, deliciously fruity Hayman’s Sloe gin, the dry and zesty Plymouth and the soft, spicy Edinburgh gin. Tasting No 2 covers… Read More