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Gin Review: Duck and Crutch Kensington Dry Gin 45% abv

It was love at first sight with Duck and Crutch, who can resist such a handsome and beautifully designed bottle. We were further seduced when we learned more about the gin, made lovingly by hand in a 6 x 4ft shed in… Read More

Gin Review: Keepr’s Honey Gin 40% abv

Not that you need a reason to drink gin, but let’s say you did, saving mankind is a pretty good one. It’s said that “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to… Read More

Available online: Gin Tasting Gift Box

Available to by online or in the bar Our hugely popular tasting menus are a great way to explore the world of gin. We have been serving them in the London Gin Club bar for 6 years and their popularity has grown… Read More

Home Made Food

Our evening menu has grown a little recently. We now have a selection of delicious home-made pies and other freshly prepared food. Our ‘ginfluenced’ menu takes inspiration from the wealth of excellent gins with wonderfully balanced herbs, spices and fruits, and some… Read More