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Gin Review : Batch

The lovely chaps at Batch came by a couple of weeks ago with a bottle of their gin for us to try. We love it when this happens and we especially love it when the gin is good, which Batch Gin most… Read More

Gin review: Silent Pool Gin 43% abv

silent pool gin

It is unusual to come across a British gin which has a high number of botanicals. So it was a pleasure to find Silent pool, which has 24 (unnamed) botanicals, and made in the Surrey Hills. After much tasting we have found:… Read More

Gin Review: Fifty Eight (58) Gin

Around this time last year the London Gin Club was visited by a lovely chap called Mark Marmont who told us all about an artisan gin he was creating. He asked us what we thought of a possible lable design he was… Read More

Gin review: Hayman’s family reserve

Change is good! I like change – it can be scary, but I like it… so when I was informed that  Hayman’s 1850 would be no longer I panicked, only for a second though as I was also informed that it would… Read More

Gin review : Twisted Nose

A few months ago one of our lovely guests popped by and told us their friends in Winchester were making a brand new gin with watercress. Watercress I thought, how unexpected! Now we have said gin, Twisted Nose, in the bar and… Read More