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Burleigh’s London Dry – 40% ABV

Master distiller Jamie Baxter has made a number of very fine gins, his latest exploit being to help realise the dream of Phil Burley in creating Burleighs gin. Using a brace of unusual botanicals including dandelion, burdock and silver birch, they have… Read More

Gin review: Shetland Reel 43% ABV

Scotland is becoming a powerhouse of gin, one of the latest additions being Shetland Reel, a small batch gin produced in the most northerly inhabited Island in the UK, Unst in Shetland. The gin uses 8 botanicals including locally grown apple mint,… Read More

Gin Review: Makar Glasgow gin

There’s a lot going on in Scotland at the moment with gin… good news we say! We came across Makar Glasgow gin a couple of months ago and we’re very glad we did. Using just 7 botanicals alongside juniper this gin is… Read More

Gin review: Edinburgh Cannonball

Navy strength gin seems to be appearing quite a bit at the moment. I’m not complaining… a decent 57% not only hits the spot on a tough day but also offers a totally new flavour experience, as a good proof gin needs… Read More

Gin review: Crossbill Gin

We’re very lucky here at the LGC, gin literally comes to us… the newest and tastiest gins come to our door. We sampled Crossbill last year and waited patiently for its release, and now it’s here! Crossbill is the only gin to… Read More