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Gin Review : Hoppy Gin 41% abv

We love it when the guys from Audemus Spirits drop by. Not only are they the most lovely and fabulous chaps, they always bring a present of a new and unique ginny delight for us to try. Their latest visit was no… Read More


Thomas Dakin was at the forefront of distilling ‘high quality gin’ way back in the 1760s when he started a distilling company in Warrington – that later became Greenalls. This was a rich period in the history of gin, as London emerged,… Read More

Gin review: Sir Robin of Locksley

Every six weeks or so we change our tasting menu’s to feature new gins. Happily in the last six months there has been a rich influx of new gins with Sir Robin of Locksley being one of these. Sir Robin of Locksley… Read More

Gin review : Four Pillars rare dry gin

I was lucky enough to be visited by the lovely chaps from the Four Pillars Gin distillery a couple of weeks ago. Interestingly enough we’d already earmarked Four Pillars for our new tasting menu so it was very nice to sit and… Read More

Gin Review: Pickering’s

This weeks review is Pickering’s, who visited us during the taste of London festival and kindly brought us a bottle of their brand new, small batch gin. We think this is a great gin, and it is the first gin to be… Read More