Roaring Noon Jazz Age Gin

F. Scott Fitzgerald once jotted down a recipe for bathtub gin. He kept the little scrap among his papers, where it stayed hidden, overlooked for almost a century. It was recently discovered by a professor researching Fitzgerald’s life during 1922, the year of The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald probably wrote the recipe down during the months his great novel immortalizes: he once said 1922 was the year of his ‘own first and last manufacture of gin.’ So this is the real deal.

Roaring Noon Martini

An authentic recipe for bathtub gin from the writer most associated with the Roaring Twenties seemed worth reproducing. And so “Roaring Noon 1922” faithfully recreates the exact recipe Fitzgerald kept—except we’ve made it a little less potent! But we think it’s as elegant and formidably powerful as one would hope from a gin that invokes the glamour, excitement and daring of jazz-age America.

In The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald describes entering a cellar speakeasy in New York in the summer of 1922. The time? “Roaring Noon.” So here is “Roaring Noon 1922”: genuine Prohibition strength bathtub gin, in a recipe treasured by the King of the Jazz Age himself.

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