Gin Tasting menus

Our tasting menus are a great way to try gin and tonics you may not have come across before with new gins selected every three months

Tasting menus can be shared or you can have one each and compare the gins together with your friends. We currently have five different tasting menus. The selection of gins on Tasting Menu #1 and #2 change each season.

Tasting Menus #1 and #2 showcase some of the latest small batch gins selected to illustrate the breadth of flavours available in todays fabulous artisan gins. We have a an over proof tasting menu (recommended to share with a friend) a Sloe Gin tasting menu of 3 fantastic Sloe gins. Last but not least we have an 8 Gin flavour spectrum menu which takes you on a journey through the every flavour category, starting with dry moving to floral, citrus, sweet, savoury, spice, aged and finishing with a gin liqueur.We also have a blind tasting menu which allows you to really think about the flavours you are experiencing.

All tasting menu are served with gin, Fever Tree tonic and paired garnish in our famour gin and tonic ‘Copa’ serve.

tasting menu

Tasting number 1 (£27)

    garnish – Grapefruit
    A delicious New Zealand gin using malt, hops, ginger, orange blossom and lavender. Delicate yet flavoursome
  •  ISFJORD 44%
    garnish – orange
    Made using Greenlandic iceberg water and botanicals including Lemongrass , Cardomon and Orange
    A very crisp, clean tasting gin.
    garnish – raspberry & basil
    Made in the Cotswolds, this is a wonderful citrus/ spiced gin using no less than 34 botanicals including  Sicilian blood orange, Lime tree flowers. A truly fantastic, complex gin
    garnish – lemon & juniper
    Made with lemon balm, rosemary and bay, macadamia and almond, a lovely herbaceous nose with refreshing citrus on the palette.


Tasting Number 2 (£27)

  • BROKERS 47 47%
    Garnish – Lime
    A truly classic London dry, using 10 botanicals including cassia, lemon, nutmeg and orris.
    A true London Dry gin
    An Irish gin made using a collection of 19th Century botanicals  found in a local spice importers archive.
    These include bitter orange,  almond, myrtle pepper and a varient of wild grass. A lovely, fragrant gin.
    Classic organic botanicals including  Juniper,  Citrus & Coriander seed . A well balanced  intense gin created in very small batches.
    garnish lemon and celery
    A powerful,  spiced gin  with an emphasis on green cardomom, . persian lime and eucalyptus. This gin really packs a flavour punch, is bright and robust.


Over Proof tasting menu (£28)

Our  OVER PROOF tasting menu is currently:

  1. JUNIPERO 49.3%
  2. OLD RAJ 55%
  4. BLACKWOOD 60%

Four fantastic gins, which we recommend you share with a friend!


Blind tasting menu (£28)

What a treat… 4 gins.. all of which you have no idea about! You will have 4 gins and a collection of garnishes, we recommend you sample each and then pair with a garnish. This is a great way to try gin without influence or expectation of name, brand or style.


8 Gin Flavour Spectrum menu (£55)

flavour spectrumThe aim is for your to sample the entire flavour spectrum gin has to offer.

You will try a dry, floral, citrus, savoury, sweet, spic,aromatic and a gin liqueur, all of which are brought to your table and served with Fever tree tonic ( except the gin liqueur of course) and with individually paired garnish.

Ideally this can be shared between 2/4 people. You will be armed with the list of gins you are sampling and the matched garnish.


How Tasting Menus Work

You can order the tasting menus at your table when you arrive at the LGC or, if you want to pre-order you can buy a gift certificate (Pre ordering is not required but of course tasting menu gift certificate are a very nice gift!)

We serve the gins, in our lovely copa glasses, with Fever Tree tonic and individually paired garnish to your table and once we’ve talked you through the variety you can then enjoy tasting  each gin at your own pace. We are always on hand to chat about the gins you’re trying , should you wish to pick our brains!

Get ready for the best gin and tonic you’ll have ever had!

You can buy this as a voucher for the gin lover in your life or anyone who  wants to learn a little more about gin. Available from our sister site London Peculiar here.

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