so much gin...We have a range of gin spanning London Dry, Premium Distilled, Plymouth, Old Tom, Fruit Gins and Genever. We add to our gin menu regularly, below is a sample of our current gin list.

Adnam’s, 7 Dials, Bathtub, Berkeley Square, Bols Genever, Columbian, Cask aged Bathtub, Beefeater 24, Bloom, Botanist, Brecon, Brokers, Caorunn, Citadelle Reserve, Colonel Fox’s London dry, Darnley’s view, Deaths Door, Blackwood’s, Edgerton pink, Fifty pounds, Geranium, Gilpin’s, Gilt, Gin Mare, G’Vine, Hayman’s 1850, Hunter’s, Ish, Jensen Old Tom,  Junipero , King of Soho, Langton’s No1, Langley’s No 8, Lighthouse, London No 1, Martin miller’s, Monkey 47, No3 , Old Raj , Old English, Oxley, Plymouth, Royal Dock, Sacred, Sipsmith, Sipsmith VJOP, Sloanes, SW4, Tanqueray Malacca,  Tanqueray Rangpur, Three Corners, Warner Edwards, Whitley Neill, Williams, Zuidam, to name a few!

Our cocktail menu has all the wonderful classics you’d expect from a the best gin bar in town, along side a seasonal cocktails list and a few of our own creations.

A Selection of our Classics

Gimlet, Gin Smash, Southside, Gin & It, Sloe Gin Rickey, Negroni, Martini, White Lady, Tom Collins, Bees Knee’s, Gibson, French 75, Seventh Heaven, Gin Crusta

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