The Millers Martini / Gin & It Box!

My mum loves her gin, especially in a Martini (with an olive) or sometimes she’ll have a cheeky Gin & It with the original orange peel garnish..very classy indeed. We got to thinking and with the help of Martim Millers gin we… Read More

Solving one of life’s little dilemmas

Life can be full of little dilemmas… Stay in or go out…get a new job or stay put…join a gym or spend the cash on a holiday…? tricky and unfortunately we can’t help with any of these..but we can help with the … Read More

Joining the Gin Club

It’s been a week since we announced the beginning of The London Gin Club and it’s been a fantastic start. The menu is welcomed with delight and eveyone seems to enjoy trying the different gins with the different cocktails. The gin crusta… Read More

The London Gin Club has arrived.

Hello all, We are proud to announce the launch of The London Gin Club at The Star at Night What is it I hear you say?well, it’s simple, and I think it’s what we’ve all been waiting for. Here at The Star… Read More

The London Gin Club has been born

Hello everyone.The London Gin Club has just been born…this is our first blog so we’re giving it a bit of a test and then we’ll add the details about this new club for gin lovers