The Gin & Tonic menu

Well, here it is….you could almost call it a gourmet G & T menu! Gin deserves some special attention so why not! If you can’t make it tonight for our G & T night never fear…this isn’t a one hit wonder, this… Read More

The supreme G & T ? possibly…

Ok so as you may know we have our dedicated gin and tonic night tomorrow (Friday) and in preparation for this we’ve been shopping. A visit to the joy that is Borough Market has helped us get all the garnishes we need… Read More

New events and the like

Well, here we are in May…where did the time go? We’ve had a great couple of months launching and getting the club going and membership is growing rapidly! So, to May, we have our G & T night this Friday which will… Read More

The new gin menu…

Well, new gins have arrived here at The London Gin Club, some brand new  to the UK such as Ransom, a wonderfully aged heavy juniper/cardamom gin and some not so to the gin world but new to us… so, here’s our new,… Read More

The new G & T

When asked by a couple of distillers if we could use the new ‘serve’ for gin and tonics in future, we were a little skeptical. The glasses are huge balloon glasses, not something we’d ever imagine our  trusty G & T’s to… Read More