Progress update December Well, still not a lot of progress to be honest. We remain entirely closed! Works are scheduled to begin in January 2020. By the time they are finsihed we’ll have been shut for a year !! You may have… Read More

Whilst dry gin and the origins of the gin and tonic lie with all things red, white and blue it can be argued that the origins of the 21st century renaissance of the gin and tonic lie in Spain so it’s high… Read More

Twelve keys is a gin made by the fantastic chaps at Sartorial Spirits that takes alchemy as its inspiration, and in particular the work of Basil Valentine who published his Twelve Keys text in 1599. The origins of distilling are closely associated… Read More

Happy Holidays! We are shut for our annual holiday over the festive period, and re-open refreshed on January 8th. We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful new year and look forward to seeing you in 2019.  

We have two new tasting menus that showcase gins from the floral and fruit categories, flavour styles that are increasingly popular at the moment. Our Fruit / Floral Tasting menu showcases floral and fruit forward gins: Bloom Jasmine & Rose  43% – A… Read More