Gin is good for you (so says Culpeper 1654)

I love an excuse to combine my two obsessions , 17th century books and Gin! So , after some Monday evening browsing through The London Dispensatory of 1654 I’ve discovered that the components of gin are very good for you indeed (… Read More

Gin Money

We’ve all heard of pocket money…beer money… gin rummy…now, at last, we have Gin Money. This is a great way to treat the gin lover in your life to superb gin drinks of their choice at The London Gin Club. All vouchers… Read More

The Wheel of Chance

With over 80 gins on the shelves and numerous cocktails on the menu it can sometimes be difficult to decide what exactly tickles your fancy. Sometimes too much choice is just too much. Well fear not, now you can put yourself in… Read More

Names for Gin

For our Underground Map of Gin, we did a fair bit of research about the various names that gin has been known by over the years, it makes for quite interesting reading, most are from the times of the Gin Acts that… Read More