It’s been a busy few weeks here at the London Gin Club. We launched our new autumn / winter tasting menus a few weeks ago and they are going down a real storm!

There are 4 wonderful gins in each tasting menu, carefully balanced together.

Tasting menu No 1

  • Burleigh’s Distillers cut 47% – A lovely dry gin using, amongst the usual suspects, dandelion and burdock  and elderberry giving a light berry sweetness with floral top notes.
  • Hidden Curiosities 42% – Using 20 botanicals, this sophisticated gin has 5 peppers, Japanese Yuzu, white mulberries, violet and lavender.
  • Salcombe 44% – A Devon gin with 3 citrus peels and bay, giving a crisp citrus element coupled with  a delicate savoury  finish.
  • Poetic License Old Tom 41% – Bold and spicy with floral sweet notes from hibiscus. Rounded out nicely by barrel aging.

Tasting menu no 2

  • Bimber 42% – 10 botanicals make up this dry, clean gin. Together with traditional botanicals of cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander seed, orange and lemon.
  • Lakes Explorer 47% – Using some locally grown botanicals including Cumbrian juniper, this is a lovely herbal, dry gin with a black pepper hint.
  • The Wrecking Coast 44% – A most interesting gin, using Cornish Clotted cream, giving a rich, silky mouth feel with delicate notes of vanilla.
  • Inshriach 43% – Again using local juniper and rose hip, this gin is punchy and robust with a refreshing hint  of eucalyptus.
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