Just a quick post to let you all know our new autumn tasting menus are here. We have selected a fabulous set of gins for you to savour.

On tasting menu number one we have Broken Heart (40% abv) from New Zealand, a delicious, flavoursome and bold gin made using malt, hops, ginger, orange blossom and lavender. Next up is Isfjord Artic gin (44% abv), crisp and clean tasting, made using water from Gleenlandic icebergs, lemon grass, cardamom and orange. This is followed by Garden Tiger (47% abv), a truly fantastic complex gin made in the Cotswolds. This is a wonderful citrus spiced gin which uses 34 botanicals including Sicilian blood orange, lime leaves, elderberries and pine. To round off this menu we have Bertha’s Revenge (42% abv) made using whey based spirit which brings a wonderful creaminess, this gin also uses elderflower, alexander seeds and woodruff to make a fragrant gin with a spicy middle.

On tasting menu number two we start with Brokers 47 (47% abv), a superb, classic london dry made using 10 botanicals including cassia, nutmeg and orris. This is followed by Blackwater No 5 (41.5 abv) a beautiful Irish gin made using a botanicals listed in the archives of a 19th century spice importers which include corriander, lemon, cinnamon, bitter orange and almond that make a confident citrus dry gin. Next up is Liverpool Gin (43% abv) is an intense well-balanced gin made in very small batches using organic botanicals that include citrus and coriander seed. Lastly to finish proceedings there is Poetic License (43.2% abv)  a powerful lip smacking spiced gin that uses cardamom, persian lime and eucalyptus. Bright and robust it really packs a flavour punch.

We say it every time… these new tasting menus are fantastic, a truely handsome and tasty collection for you to enjoy.

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