The new G & T

When asked by a couple of distillers if we could use the new ‘serve’ for gin and tonics in future, we were a little skeptical.

The glasses are huge balloon glasses, not something we’d ever imagine our  trusty G & T’s to be served in. We nodded in agreement and wondered how we would ever convince our customers this was the best way to enjoy your gin..

Then, along came Martin from 209 Gin. He demonstrated exactly what these glasses do to the gin, how it improves the flavour beyond belief, how the tonic stays crisp and cold and how the gin works on the citrus in this new spacious vessel to enhance the flavour some more. A Gimmick it is not.

This was a revelation to us all! Here we had in our hot little hands the best gin and tonic in the world….a bold statement you might think, but I can’t think of a better one I’ve ever had and this new serve really shows that the devil is in the detail and if you get that right…well….come and try it and hopefully you’ll see what we mean.

We will be serving all our G & T’s like this from now on and of course you’ll get to sample this wonderful ‘new’  G & T at the launch this Friday.

We are also getting creative with out garnish, using complimentary or contrasting fruits to pull out the characteristics of the gins.

We think this is a wonderful new way to drink gin, but..lets see what you think!


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