The Gin Crusta

Putting the Gin menu together is not as easy as it looked. There are of course the gins to describe, is as few a clever, accurate, descriptive words as can fit, given there are 40 or so tippety tip top gins on a menu that should not end up looking like War and Peace!

So, that job (almost) done, then it’s to the cocktails…which ones to chose? Classics of course, proper classics  with the help of Jerry Thomas and his ‘Bartenders guide’ of 1887..

The Gin Crusta will be on the list, not least because it requires the glass in which the drink is served to be lined with the peel of a whole lemon. Gin, sugar, Curacao, Bokers bitters and lemon juice…

Whats interesting about the measurements Jerry Thomas used is that many of the cocktails contain a ‘wine glass’ of gin…I like the sound of this!

More to follow…

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