The London Gin Club has arrived.


Hello all,

We are proud to announce the launch of The London Gin Club at The Star at Night

What is it I hear you say?well, it’s simple, and I think it’s what we’ve all been waiting for.

Here at The Star at Night we’ve noticed how dedicated many of our customers (not all, but many) are to the glorious gin. So, we thought we’d focus our attentions on the delicious liquid.

We have developed a 30+ menu of premium and super premium gins that you won’t find in many places, giving you the chance to try some of the best gins on the market, either in a cocktail or with  fevertree tonic. Anyone is welcome to try the gins, you don’t have to be a member of the club, but… if you do join the club (membership is free for the foreseeable) you will be rewarded with:

  • A 5% discount at Gerry’s of Old Compton St, when you buy premium gin
  • You will recieve a Gin Club allegiance card, rewarding you for your commitment to gin.
  • A monthly bulletin, keeping you up to date with any news about gin, new gin on the market, events at the bar and snippets of gin history
  • Priority booking for masterclasses, cocktail classes, entertainment nights and gin related events held at The Star at Night.

To join us, send us an e mail with your name and email contact address and we’ll get back to you.

Keep an eye on this page as more details will be posted soon.

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