Nestled in the heart of Soho, each night The London Gin Club offers you a choice of over 210 of the finest gins money can buy.

We pride ourselves on our specialist gin cocktail menu and serving one of the best Gin and Tonics in London.

We’re a small, friendly, table service bar. We get pretty busy, if you plan to visit it’s best to book a table.


Summer is here and it’s a great time to explore floral gins. Da Mhile Farmhouse Botanical gin has adorned ourselves for some time now, a Welsh organic gin which we think fits very nicely into the heavy floral category. The introduction of additional seaweed adds another summer element into the mix, and so to ease […]


With The Ashes upon us, we thought it timely to bring a fantastic Australian gin to your attention. I came across The West Winds about 3 years ago when a friend bought me a bottle after a visit to his home land, Australia. I was delighted and frustrated in equal measures as I really liked […]

perry's tot

Navy strength gin is certainly popping up a lot at the moment. Perry’s Tot isn’t new to us, we’ve been raving about it for a while and we feel it’s high time to let you all know why. The New York Distilling Company are responsible for Perry’s Tot and its slightly lighter sibling Dorothy Parker […]


Master distiller Jamie Baxter has made a number of very fine gins, his latest exploit being to help realise the dream of Phil Burley in creating Burleighs gin. Using a brace of unusual botanicals including dandelion, burdock and silver birch, they have created a robust, punchy and very distinctive gin. So onto the tasting. On […]


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