Nestled in the heart of Soho, each night The London Gin Club offers you a choice of over 130 of the finest gins money can buy.

We pride ourselves on our specialist gin cocktail menu and serving one of the best Gin and Tonics in London.

We’re a small, friendly, table service bar. We get pretty busy, if you plan to visit it’s best to book a table.


Master distiller Jamie Baxter has made a number of very fine gins, his latest exploit being to help realise the dream of Phil Burley in creating Burleighs gin. Using a brace of unusual botanicals including dandelion, burdock and silver birch, they have created a robust, punchy and very distinctive gin. So onto the tasting. On […]

tasting menu

Our new tasting menus have just been announced and what a truly cracking gathering of gins they are ! (I say this every time but it’s true) Both menus show off the amazing work our gin distillers are doing at the moment and the variety and complexity is fantastic. Tasting No 1 is 1) HAYMAN’S […]

world gin day 2015

World Gin Day is upon us and this year at the London Gin Club we are celebrating with a World Gin tasting menu, a gin tasting experience to be reckoned with we think. We have 3 countries vying for gin supremecy: Holland, the birth place of gin – a wonderfully smooth 3 year aged Zuidam […]

shetland reel gin

Scotland is becoming a powerhouse of gin, one of the latest additions being Shetland Reel, a small batch gin produced in the most northerly inhabited Island in the UK, Unst in Shetland. The gin uses 8 botanicals including locally grown apple mint, so how does it fare with its juniper brethren? On the nose there […]

Pop outside the Star in the 1930s

There’s a long history of hospitality here on Great Chapel Street, especially at No 22. Great Chapel Street and Hollen Street were originally built in 1695. This street has seen all sorts of trade, apothecaries, carriage makers, cabinet makers, the hat factory, the Ivor Novello music factory, and my personal favourite, Watsons gin shop, which […]


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