November Gin Tasting Menu

Gin Jaunt Menu

The London Gin Club – Gin and Tonic Gin Jaunt

With winter ungraciously paying us an early seasonal visit, we have a mind to quote Shakespeare’s “As you Like it”:-

Blow, blow, thou Winter wind, thou art not so unkind as man’s ingratitude;

To soften the cruel blow of Winter, we thought TWO new Gin jaunt menus would lift your spirits. The Gin Jaunt tasting menu this month features some of our absolute favourites and some newly discovered  gems.

Tasting Menu 1.

London No 1 – This naturally blue gin contains the beautiful gardenia flower.

Adnam’s First Rate – Punchy, powerful, liquorice flavoured gin.

Colonel Fox – A real surprise in tones and lightness.

Sacred – Distilled in Highgate this is a wonderfully smooth gin.

Tasting Menu 2.

London No. 3.  – Made by Berry Bros & Rudd. Simply outstanding.

No. 209 – From the US, well-rounded and distinctive.

Williams –  Made by the same company who make Williams  Chase Vodka.

Geranium – To remind us all that Spring is the next season and it’s not too far away (!)

The  Menus’ remain excellent value at £18 members £21 for non members for Tasting Menu Number 1, and ££22 members, £25 non members for Tasting Menu Number 2.

G and T at The London Gin Club

Perfect G & T’s from The Gin Tasting Menu

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