Nestled in the heart of Soho, each night The London Gin Club offers you a choice of over 130 of the finest gins money can buy.

We pride ourselves on our specialist gin cocktail menu and serving one of the best Gin and Tonics in London.

We’re a small, friendly, table service bar. We get pretty busy, if you plan to visit it’s best to book a table.


Poor Wheel of Chance has been through the wars…created to offer anyone with that terrible malady of ‘Gindecision’ a cure for frustrating pondering, over deliberating and utter confusion, . repeatedly spun in the wrong direction, beaten, battered and bruised it has now risen like a phoenix from the ashes, fully restored with the help of […]


So surprising as it might be to all us gin lovers out there, some people actually don’t like gin! Yes, it pains me to say it… some people don’t like gin. The truth is, I don’t believe this. I believe some people have had gins they don’t like and, as you would, decide emphatically that […]

Serving Soho since 1933

It’s been a busy year so far for us here one way and another. The Gin Club continues to go from strength to strength and keeps us on our toes. We love it and it seems you do too. So, we’re proud to announce a new arrival. As some of you may know The Star […]


This weeks review is Pickering’s, who visited us during the taste of London festival and kindly brought us a bottle of their brand new, small batch gin. We think this is a great gin, and it is the first gin to be made in Edinburgh in over 150 years. It also has a great historical […]

Beefeater visitors center

We were privileged enough to be invited to a private guided tour of the brand new Beefeater visitor’s center with the master of gin himself, Desmond Payne. And what a treat this was. The visitor’s center begins with a walk through gin history, coupled with the history of Beefeater and James Burrough. Everything from gin […]


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